Date: 2011-09-09 06:33 pm (UTC)
HEEEELS. You're blogging again! yay! I love this post, honestly I read up one Song of Ice and fire but all I found was that it was the misogynist book ever and I will be happier not touching it with a ten foot poll. plus there is in depth summaries on wikipedia if you just want to know what happens which I did since I was planning to watch the show and while the show is okay minus the grossness at the beginning pretty much all the developments in the book *censored* killing that prostitute and *censored* going blind and *censored* going crazy after finally getting what zie worked for. and *censored* and *censored* and *censored* all dying. I was pretty much fuck this book and fuck this show. The only thing good about it is Dany and we all know its only a matter of time before GRRM strikes her down too. and You're right the misogyny is over the top and so unnecessary. you can make a dark scary fantasy world without making it sexist as hell. I dont really care if he was trying to mimic medieval times. its still gross and i want no part of it.

I don't have much more to say about DA that I havent already said to you but I do think you should play awakenings if you played origins, that way you can upload your character from Origins and use them in a new 15 hour campaign/story. the story is interesting but not amazing but its really worth it for Sigrun and Velanna two awesome ladies missing from this list and breaks my heart! Basically it was alot more fun to me than Dragon Age 2 was. Also have you played any of the add ons? I'll be honest the add ons for Origins are largely buggy and lame but its worth it if you want to get more story, there is a special add on for Leliana's backstory and another one which concludes Morrigan's story. Also there's the Shale add on, that I think is really worth getting and it'll give you a good reason to replay the whole game. Anyway those are my recommendations! :)
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