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2015-03-04 04:03 am

Rarelywritten placeholder

I'm out of the country till the 18th of March with very limited free time, but I plan to update this placeholder with an actual letter as soon as I return. Thank you for your patience, Rarelywritten writer. :)

Please, check back here on the 19th for the letter.

Dear Rarelywritten Writer,

Thank you for offering to write one or more of the awesome women of my super rare fandoms. I love fictional women almost more than anything else in the entire world, so I am going to be ridiculously easy to please on this one.

Besides that, I also love women interacting with each other, women maintaining complex bonds with each other, women supporting each other, and generally being awesome. I like het, gen, and femslash (m/m is really not my cup of tea because of, you guessed it, the lack of women.) If there's going to be a power imbalance in a het relationship, I prefer the scales to be tipped over at the female side (I have a huge kink for good/moral men in love with complicated/morally ambiguous women). I love polyamory fic, but I would prefer the focus there to be on the emotional/relationship dynamics aspects of it and not on the hot threesomes. Character study, plotty fic with a characterization focus, relationship study, etc are all awesome. I am not a huge fan of porn without plot, mainly because I would rather have something that's more grounded in characterization, but I don't have a problem with smut itself as long as it comes as part of a larger story. I enjoy stories with complex characterization and interactions that reveal those bits of the characters. I am okay with any rating you feel up to.

Some of my squicks include: non-con sex and it's very likely that what most of fandom considers dub-con will also push the wrong buttons for me. I dislike the fictional trope of building one woman up at the expense of another, tearing one woman down to build up another, women fighting over men, women's lives revolving around the men in their lives. I do love conflict, though, and women who love each other despite conflict (PLL is an excellent example of something that maintains complex conflicts and interests while still having women loving women at its heart.)

Thoughts on specific requests/fandoms:

Dragon Age: All Media Types )

Dragon Age: Inquisition )

Nancy Drew: Video Games )

The Season of Passage - Christopher Pike )

I really hope that I don't sound too hard to please. I just have lots of thoughts on all of these women and I don't often get a chance to squee over them.  Please, feel free to do something creative with the details/characters, if you think it would make a better story. My ideas are more to inspire your creativity than to limit it.

I am looking forward to reading whatever you come up with and to building altars to the power of your awesome creative powers.

Lastly, if you have any questions about something you want to do or something you're unsure about, you can ask either [personal profile] aphrodite_mine  or [personal profile] meganbmoore . Both of them are familiar with my fictional preferences and some or all of these fandoms.