Date: 2006-11-20 11:16 pm (UTC)
I didn't see this earlier, thus the late reply. :)

Scans_daily, as well as the entire X-men fandom, could really use more Maddie love. She was incredibly awesome and so badly mistreated. And finding Nate/Maddie shippers always makes me happy. There's something just so perfect about them that it really doesn't matter that she's a clone of his mother or that he's practically her son. I like that they find each other and are able to help each other through their darkness and X-men issues.

I haven't read many DC comics, but it does seem like that giving a Superhero a family could be a good idea once in a while. Or, you know, at least it's a horrible idea to have the Superhero asshole abandon his family for his dead girlfriend. Really, Scott's character has never really recovered from that bit of crappiness, and I think I still hate him a little because of it.

And I, too, really wish that the mainstream X-men comics would remember the existence of Maddie and bring her back. Especially if it's with Nate.

The Madelyne bit in The End was horrible. Essentially, they used Maddie to inspire Scott to do to Emma what he had already done to Maddie. Which was bad. And I very much doubt that Maddie was the part of Jean that loved Scott because she kind of really hated him after the abandonment issue. I also really hated that Maddie essentially disappeared and gave up her existence to become a part of Jean.
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