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Birthdate:Oct 3

Like most people on Dreamwidth, I'm here for the fandom. I'm am utterly incapable of experiencing fiction in isolation and become easily obsessed with all manner of fictional things. And then I post about them. Misery loves company, but infatuation loves it better. I tend to jump from fandom to fandom, but am perpetually obsessed with ancient Greek mythology and literature and tend to get nostalgic about old fandoms from time to time.

I'm also prone to overthinking/overanalyzing/critiquing whatever I'm consuming, especially when it comes to gender and race issues, and I'm most invested in the female characters of any given fandom. I will consume any form of media from comics to cartoons to video games to obscure books translated from foreign texts as long as there are interesting women in it. And while I have a strong preference for genre fiction, again, I am up for anything that comes with Bechdel passing and awesome women.

I am still mostly at LJ, but hoping to start being more active here.

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achilles, aeryn sun, aeschylus, alexa davalos, all the fictional women you hate, ancient greece, andromache, angel, anora, aphrodite, artemis, arthurian legends, audrey horne, audrey/cooper, barbara gordon, barbara/helena, batman/batgirl, battlestar galactica, big love, birds of prey, black cat, bollywood, buffy the vampire slayer, carnivàle, christopher pike, classical literature, classics, clone high, clytemnestra, comics, daisy adair, dead like me, dragon age, dragon age ii, dragon age: origins, emma frost, ender's game, ereshkigal, euripides, excalibur, fables, fandom as modern mythology, fanfiction, farscape, felicia hardy, female characters, feminism, firefly, goddesses, greek mythology, gwen raiden, gwen stacy, helen of troy, helen/hector, helena bertinelli, hero cults, historical fiction, homer, huntress, inanna, iphigenia, isabela, jane austen, joss whedon, kara thrace, kara/anders, katherine pierce, kill bill, kitty pryde, kitty/lance, l. j. smith, lance alvers, lance/kitty, laura palmer, leda, libba bray, lilah morgan, lumen pierce, madelyne pryor, marion zimmer bradley, marvel comics, matriarchal societies, max/tess, medea, michael/tess, mists of avalon, monet st. croix, morally ambiguous middle-aged women, mythology, nicki grant, oracle, penthesileia, persephone, pete wisdom, polyxena, pop culture, pretty little liars, pryde & wisdom, psyche, queen anora, rachel summers, rebecca locke, ringu, roswell, samuel t. anders, sappho, sarah connor, scheherazade, scott/emma, season of passage, sherilyn fenn, snow white, spencer hastings, spiderman, stargate: sg-1, strangers in paradise, superhero-comics as modern mythology, superheroes, tanith lee, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, tess harding, the 10th kingdom, the iliad, the inside, the middleman, the odyssey, the ring, the season of passage, the vampire diaries, tim minear, trojan war, twin peaks, vala mal doran, virgil webster, wonderfalls, x-men, x-men: evolution
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